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Fireproofing is sprayed to the structural steel of a building for an effective passive fire protection system. Your specifications could require low, medium, high density or industrial grade products. Our technical staff will guide you to the right product.


For its paint like finish appearance Intumescent Fireproofing is a favorite amongst architects and designers. This product is sprayed applied in a liquid form. In case of fire, it expands many times over thus insulating and protecting structural steel.


Firestop is a passive fire protection system of various components used to seal openings and joints in rated walls or floor assemblies based on fire testing and certification listing. It is designed to prevent the propagation or an ongoing fire.


Our acoustical applications can be specified in custom colors and are finished grade. Designed for sound reverberation and/or sound transmission control to improve the sound environment of auditoriums, restaurants, sports facilities sound studios and many more applications.


Through the use of spray-applied systems, voids, seams, cracks, and compressed areas are insulated, resulting in a monolithic insulation application, producing a more effective in place system. It’s flexibility allows coverage on most construction surfaces.